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Policy Change: User Signatures

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Simply use permissions and ranks. Deny users in the "newbie" rank from doing such, and have a rank after it with more posts able to.

EDIT: Quote screwed up.

Thanks, one last quick question... I'd want "Enable permissions for post count based groups" to be on, right?

It need more than 10 posts to be able to add code in signatures. Whatever the rules are just to protect web site from spammers. Therefore it is ok to agree with this rules. ;D

This very well explains why I have yet to be able to edit my signature.  I am almost to 10 so its good. :D

I think it's a great idea, and infact have implemented post based restrictions myself, after getting hit by Chris-you-know-who...

Now there is 'no follow' after my links, I assume that is the result of further detterant to spam? Will that go away after some condition is met?


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