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Updated BBC tags


I'm a member of a Norwegian community based on games og playing and they are running Ikonboard. One thing I miss in YSE/SMF board are the BBC tags that are in the Ikonboard. Not exactly the icons, but the function og the tags. Ikonboard has got a Javascript function that works in a different way.


One click at the B button inserts first a tag and the B has an asterisk in it, and then when you are done with the bold text, click the B again to insert a tag.
A click on the link button will popup a Javascript Inputbox. First it wants you to insert the address you want to point the link to, and then it asks for the name of the link. Then it insert the link with the information you provided.

This is the only feature I'm missing in YSE/SMF.

This has been posted before.  Tell you what, I'll probably make this mod - but it shouldn't, imho, be builtin.


Ok, nice. Probarbly going to be a popular mod as it is very user friendly.

hey Skoen, that was me who start similar thread on this issue :P here it's if you're interested.


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