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Problems with installing modifications

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I have tried, but then...

--- Code: ---An Error Has Occurred! You cannot download or install new packages because the Packages directory or one of the files in it are not writable!
--- End code ---

I'm a patient man, but this issue is really frustrating. I have no idea what to do to solve it.

I have double checked permissions and ownership now, and I have tried to install Ad Managment mod, which is compatible with version 2.0.2. Here is what I get.

that is normal, now if you apply the mod does it actually do the changes to your files or not?

When I try to apply it, it says:

The package was installed successfully. You should now be able to use whatever functionality it adds or changes; or not be able to use functionality it removes.

But I can't see any changes. Or I am stupid, or something is wrong.

there is no option in the menu to control the mod in the admin panel?


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