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--- Quote from: MadTogger on April 09, 2012, 11:59:49 AM ---Hi,

great MOD.

As aside to this, does anyone know where in the database the info for the last edits is kept, i.e.

'« Last Edit: March, 30 2012 18:33:49 by Admin »'

I know this MOD will not disable the display of last edits prior to install, I would like to be able to do mine manually from within the database.


MT  :)

--- End quote ---

Right, I figured it out.

After adding this great MOD, I really wanted any previous edits that I had done as Admin to also not display:

for example '« Last Edit: March, 30 2012 18:33:49 by Admin »'

I found straight away that I could not acheive this by coding as the data was already written to the database.

I logged into my SMF Forum's database WebAdmin.

Amongst all the tables there is one called 'smf_messages', this looked like a good candidate and low & behold this table held all the data relating to forum messages including 'modified_time' & 'modified_name'.

I just did an SQL Query as follows:

SELECT 'modified_name' FROM 'smf_messages' WHERE 'modified_name' LIKE 'admin'

This returned a list of all messages on my forum where the message had been edited after the initial posting by myself, Admin.

I then just edited these fields one by one deleting the information held in the;

'modified_time' field, a 10 digit number
'modified_name' field

saving each entry after making both of these deletions.

Now my forum does not display any edits on posts that I have made prior to installing this MOD.

If anyone else wishes to do the the same, just remember to change the 'modified_name' in the SQL Query to your own actual forum administrator name.

Also, be extremely careful editing the database, you could really screw your forum up.


MT  :)


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