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Reproducable bug on Posts (Attachments) and Profile (upload Avatar)

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Had a user on Da Ville file this bug report with me, and I was able to reproduce the same exact issue on both Hogville (older version of SMF) AND right here on SMF.

Bug is reproducable, consistently under:
* On New Topic or Replies, under Attachments and other Options.
* Profile > Forum Profile > Upload Avatar.

You should be able to see the bug in the attached photo.  Unable to upload any images. :)

This is a result of using Safari on both the iPhone and iPad. I haven't tested on any other mobile device, because I don't have any other brands.


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
Unless I'm mistaken, Safari on iPhone has file uploads disabled by design.

EDIT: To further clarify this, the way Mobile Safari handles <input type="file" /> is to simply grey out the controls, in an attempt to tell you that this is not possible.
It's misleading, and stupid, but that's how it is.

I was actually just digging into this a bit more on SMF (I should have researched first).

While this thread implies that it's a Safari limitation, I also came across this thread, which seems to have figured a way around the upload limitations via an auto detection script (and a different theme) in combination to a Modification package being installed.

With the fact that iPhones and iPads encompassing a very significant share of the smart device market, I think it's time that SMF look for a resolution on this issue and includes native support (via smart detection) for Apple products, especially given that the iPad3 is now out, and it's clear that the iP* devices aren't going anywhere, for a while.  ::grins::

Please consider this as a legitimate bug report with a request for resolution.

I will test out other forum packages to see if these issues exist and report back.

EDIT:  Issue is also present on vBulletin.  Maybe we need to step it up and be amongst one of the first forum software packages to also natively support smart devices? :)

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:

--- Quote ---...Safari does not have upload facility. For security reasons, the iPhone does not have an open file system like a computer so there would be no documents to browse for uploading.

--- End quote ---

All the real solutions that I've found that actually work, include jailbreaking the device.

Ahh, that makes sense.  So how did the theme author get around that limitation in the second thread I linked to?


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