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Error: "Unknown column 'add_deny' in 'field list'" when going to domain

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Ah, right.

Yeah, if your db is still on v1.x, you should be able to run the upgrade to v1.1.16, using this:;

That'll upgrade any v1 version to v1.1.16.

It's an absolute doddle, honest.



Upload all files (FTP), overwriting what's there.

Point browser to your forum URL /upgrade.php.

Follow onscreen instructions.

Done! :)

Looks like I have my marching orders.   ;)

Unfortunately, real life is calling me and I will have to work on this when I get back in several hours.  I really do appreciate your assistance.  I'd be lost without it!  :o 

I'll keep you in the loop as I proceed.  Take care.

No sweat, mate!

I'm off to bed, as it 'appens. (I'm in ol' Blighty)

I'll catch-up, for sure, in the morning.

Well, I tried my "wild hare" and it worked except the pretty background is gone.  All that is there is text, text as links on a white background, but at least all the data is still intact.  Since I have the DB backup and now understand how to modify the values in "Settings.php" I can forge ahead with impunity.   :)

Next step is to try and upgrade to 2.0.2...

The latest 1.x SMF upgrade in SimpleScripts was to 1.1.13.  Do I need to do a mid-step to 1.1.16 or can I upgrade to 2.0.2?

Seems like I remember reading something about this *somewhere,* but I have read so much in so many places I can't keep straight where things were, but I will keep looking.


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