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[WIP/BETA] EU cookie law

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--- Quote from: emanuele on May 07, 2012, 06:44:56 AM ---BTW, yesterday I realized that in the vast majority of the cases the registration doesn't work unless the cookies are accepted (otherwise  smf cannot set the verification code cookie).

--- End quote ---
it's more that not works properly with your code emanuele  ;)
1. Take a look at Maintenance mode handling
2. If you are logged in (always), leave the site without logout, come back and then logout will gives a session verification error.
3. Wap/Wap2/Imode is not handled

We have implemented (based on you code) a worked ECL support for our Portal & SMF and Mobile devices.
Test it on our site ..  ;)

I am interested in this plugin but what state is it currently in after reading feline's comments ?

I have looked at felines site and seen the code in action but this is modifed from standard - are there any other sites I can look at?

What you have see is mostly the final release that we will develop in association with our Portal software ...

Just looking at feline's site and looking at the code it looks to be a nightmare to anyone that wants to accomplish SEO. Even if you do allow the bots in you may receive a penalty for different content for user and different content for bot.

Here I just thought of this one, Here is a can of worms.

There we go, just set a cookie in your browser from a different domain through a script claiming to be a image. Now who is reliable for that?


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