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--- Quote from: jossanaijr on October 31, 2007, 08:33:12 PM ---When I try to edit a category I'm having this error:

Unknown column 'postingsize' in 'field list'
File: /home/mysite/public_html/forum/Sources/Downloads.php
Line: 752

Note: It appears that your database may require an upgrade. Your forum's files are currently at version SMF 1.1.4, while your database is at version 1.1.2. The above error might possibly go away if you execute the latest version of upgrade.php.

but I'm using SMF 1.1.4 (and I think with database 1.1.2: how can I check it?; I'm using more than 40 MODS now without problems.).

--- End quote ---
Fixed redownload the modification.


--- Quote from: vbgamer45 on October 31, 2007, 09:20:15 PM ---Fixed redownload the modification.

--- End quote ---
Worked.  Thank you.

I did not understand how / for what use that:

Custom Fields
Field Title Default Value Required

That would add custom fields to all downloads in that cateogory.
You could require them to enter a field called Author or Creator and make it required with every download that is added

8: Undefined index: description
File: /var/www/html/forums/Sources/Subs-Post.php
Line: 1747

Under my test,I realised that the above error occurs if you configure a new topic to be started on a certain board whenever a download is posted,and under the download description,you have placed something there...if you do not enable the option of a new topic to be started whenever a new download is added,the error will stop occuring.

How can I solve this error?? :(

Another thing I have realised.Under Upload URL,I have to put in a URL which the file have to be downloaded in that page.If I put a megaupload URL so that on clicking the download link for that item,the forum will redirect itself to the megaupload page for the person to download,another error will occur under the forum error log,saying it's unable to load the "main" template.And also the following error will be found in error log:

8: Undefined variable: filesize
File: /var/www/html/forums/Sources/Downloads.php
Line: 1501

(By providing a upload URL.the filesize cannot be detected by server and it will automatically be 0KB;but this seems to cause the above unnecessary error as it seems that the plug in expect the filesize to be detected under all costs - I think this is the bug of this plug-in as no errors are produced at all if I choose the direct upload method to my server.)

So,can it be configure in such a way if the forum download page needs to get redirected to another page(eg. megaupload) to download,it will automatically open a new tab/window instead of getting re-directed on the same page as the forums(adding of remote downloads)?And create in a way that filesize would not need to be shown if upload is through an upload URL)

Kindly advise :) Thanks...


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