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--- Quote from: SoLoGHoST on October 27, 2009, 03:04:40 PM ---Note:  This is the first mod I ever published that was approved by the SMF Customization Team the first time around and didn't have to be changed, other than my Next Topic Page mod (which is so easy and simple), and my SoLoSMiLeY's mod which is just smiley's, so it's good to know I'm finally getting the hang of making mods for SMF :)

--- End quote ---

And you've made a very fine job of it too :) (In case you're wondering, not all of mine - even now - get through first time)

This is a fantastic mod, please do keep it up!

Great mod idea man.

Did you get the idea form a vbulliten mod? (Just wondering)

@ Arantor - WoW, now that is something I would've never expected.  Good to know that, not even, the Great Arantor is exempt from making mistakes. 8)

@ NBK*Twitch - Actually, No, I'm not very familiar with VB's mods as I never actually owned a copy of VB.  Actually, I got the idea from being a part of Graphics Mayhem where we create Logo's and Wallpaper's each month and it's a lot of fun, however, Shortie, the Lord of Mayhem, places the best logo's up top each month.  And I thought it would be a good idea for us to vote on which logo's we liked best.  So thus, Post Ratings was born.  Also, did a search here at SMF and discovered there were a few topics on this that users have previously requested for just this (or close enough to it), so this actually gave me more motivation to code it.

@ alex30 - If you know me, I don't make any mods for 1.1.10.  I have tried this and I just don't like doing it.  Sorry, but, the only way, I'll consider coding a mod for 1.1.10 is for $$.  It's just that I've put 1.1.10 behind me and not interested in looking back.  In short, like I say for all of my mods, if there is enough demand for it for SMF 1.1.10 with users willing to pay $20 USD, I will code it for 1.1.10 (Atleast 10 people).  Otherwise, it's just not worth it for me.

Thanks for liking this mod! :)
Very nice modification! ;)

Thank You! :)


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