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I just installed without error mod is working

but members info doestn't apper in post as picture.

That's a picture from the pro version:

Great mod  ;)

I assume the major difference between the two (in terms of what I would care about) are that

*with lite they can only like the first post, with pro they can like any post

The only other important feature that I would care about is that one can see who liked the post (name wise) and that according to your images can be done in lite.

Since you have likes can be enabled per board, I take that to mean by default in lite, they are auto part of every board and pro just merely gives you the option to turn it off in certain boards right? No biggie there I would want it on all boards.

Since I would not really care if I had most of the additional features, how much would you charge me if all I wanted was Lite plus the ability for them to like all posts not just the first one with ajax integration on both the actual like and being able to see who liked it?

Rain Forest:
What to do to make this a 'block' at portal with top 5 most 'liked' persons..


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