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Can anyone suggest someone taht can convert a theme from the old 1.X themes to the new 2.0.2 themes?    I have the old theme but just need to make it work on the new forums.

Marcus Forsberg:
Try the Help Wanted (not for support) board; It's unlikely that someone will convert it for free. Also contact the author of the original theme and see if he/she has any plans to update it.

yea already tried to and he doen't have any plans for it as he does not play eve online anymore...  He made it for me originally because he was in my corp... 

Marcus Forsberg:
Sorry to hear that. But again, it's not likely that someone will do it for free. So you'll probably either want to learn how to create themes yourself*, or have this moved to Help Wanted and see if you can hire someone.

* Creating Themes


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