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Database Crash and Resolution YaBBSE/SMF

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Tony Reid:
Hi Guys,

Tonight I had the fright of my YaBBSE MySQL db crashing.

I thought I would describe how I solved the problem - as it will be usefull not only for YaBBSE but also for SMF when it is released.

This is what happend.....

At the bottom of my index page was a big error message saying that my 'TOPICS.MYI' was corrupt.

To resolve this I imediately logged onto my site using Putty - my SSH software.

For those that dont have putty - they can get it here :

Once logged on via putty, I went to my root folder.

cd /home/username

I then typed the following command to repair the DB
mysqlcheck --databases USERNAME_yabbse -uUSERNAME -p --auto-repair

That command will then asked  for my password. Its the one that matches your username. It can be your main SSH username/password or the one for your DB

After running the command, it reported the errors and repaired them!

At this time, I decided to do an imediate backup by typing this....

mysqldump -uUSERNAME -p username_yabbse | gzip >yabbse080803.gz

My next move was to log into the YaBBSE admin Center and run a repair from there! the reason behind this is that YaBB SE's repair can also recover messages and at the same time create a Salvage board and put the lost/orphand messages in it ready to be moved to there proper original locations.

That went fine

After this, I noticed the board was a little slow - so I ran the optimize script from within the YaBBSE admin center.

I then took another backup of the DB and FTP'd to my desktop.

Situation fixed within 5  minutes!

I hope that the above doesnt happen to anyone- but if it does you now know what to do!

I am not sure if running using the SE repair script first would have done the same thing - but in a situation like this I felt more comfortable using SSH and going directly into MySQL.


Jeff Lewis:
Odd, we got a call at the Lewis Media offices from a client who had the same table lock up.

Just went into phpmyadmin and did:


Worked like a charm ;)

Tony Reid:
I tried that before, it was around the time that Cpanel 6 was corrupting tables with the automatic rollout of MySQL 4.

It didnt work for me then, although PHPmyadmin has since been upgraded - so maybe they fixed it.


I should note that SMF has an option to automatically repair broken tables.


many more features and still having a high speed.... now i realy wand a SMF board :)


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