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Translators: Please don't rewrite the "base" (English) pages

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Please don't use "edit" links on existing pages to translate that pages, as we will have to revert such changes. Wiki translators should use link "Translate this page" which is shown before the content of the page. Please read How to translate these pages instructions carefully.

If you are not in wiki transaltors group yet, please keep an eye on this board, as after testing period all translators will get access to translate extension in order to help.


Excellent reminder. Thanks dzonny.

nb: can you light us more about who can edit? do we have to keep this option for translators? (maybe to have only the translation option could be sufficient?)

As i know everyone can edit pages at wiki, but changes are monitored by the team, so they can revert changes with few clicks if that is necessary. On the other hand, translators can see the link "translate this page" which leads to translate extension pages for translators.
Someone from the doc. team can tell more about permissions on wiki though.

Better not rely on (my) memory. :P

Please see the user group rights page (if I'm not wrong the group "all" doesn't apply). If you follow the link (list of members) under each group's name you will find the list of users in that group.
Please note that the wiki user name is the SMF Username and not the Name (that means in certain cases you have to search the forum member list to see what's the actual "forum name" of a wiki user, e.g. groundup :P).

Regarding translations there are two rights involved: pagetranslation and translate. If you have the first you can mark a page for translation, if you have the second you can use the translate interface.

Please check, the original was translated.


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