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Martine M:
These I all fully translated a while ago "under "Pages Ready for Translation"

    Registering - Many forums require users to register to gain full access.
    Posting - The whole point of a forum, posting allows users to express themselves.
    Search - Searching is an extremely helpful tool for finding information in posts and topics.
    Logging In - After registering you need to login to really gain full access to the forum.
    Bulletin Board Code - Posts can be spiced up with a little BBC.
    Memberlist - The memberlist shows all the members of a forum.
    Features- Here is a list of the most popular features in SMF.
    Profile - Each member has their own personal profile.
    Calendar - Users can keep track of events, holidays, and birthdays with the calendar.
    Personal messages - Users can send personal messages to each other.

I see some older translations at the bottom of this page:

Logging_In/nl -- Text seems to have changed since it was translated by Robertjeee's in, but part of the paragraph could be recycled...

Don't know what to do with that one.
But further I don't see any page to be translated sorry  :-[

Martine M:
There are some outdated paragraphs. I will see to that first.


--- Quote from: Martine M on May 29, 2012, 07:19:21 AM ---There are some outdated paragraphs. I will see to that first.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for your great work, we appreciate that. :)
You've done a great work indeed, i hope that we'll have more pages available for translation soon, and untill now please keep existing pages up to date :)

Angelina Belle:
Thank you for your help.
We have had some trouble trying to figure out to do with all the pages on the wiki.
We are somewhat unhappy with the Translate extension, which is used for the 10 pages listed above.
It is somewhat difficult to deal with pictures, and to translate headings separately from the paragraphs they go to.

So we have avoided putting more pages into this translation.  We are hoping for improvement, some day when it is possible to upgrade the wiki to a later version, and the translate extension as well.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your translations.

Martine M:
No problems Angelina and Dzonny you are welcome.

I just didn't think of checking the pages again for changes.

The pages are up to date now.
I will check them now on a regular base.
I saw an option as I am in the translation section of a page "watch this page" if I check that do I get notice if something changes on that page?


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