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Do you know many simultaneous MySQL connections you are authorized to open by your host ?
How many people are connected to your board when this happen ?

I'm not sure, but from what I've seen in the past the website tends to crash when there are 25+.

The number people on the site varies, but usually it's around 15-20 when it happens I believe.

Looks like you hit the limit of your package, a single user might requires 20/30 queries just to display a page using SimplePortal, with 20 users online it's highly possible to reach 20+ open DB connections at the same time on a shared hosting and slow package.
Did you activate permanent database connections in SMF admin panel ?

No I have not. I've been running these mods for 4 years now. Last few months this problem has occured. Loads have happened, but I do not what has caused it.

Have you got "Recent Posts/Topics" module active in Simpleportal? That's known to kill it if resources are tight.

Also, are you able to consider optimising MySQL or do you not have access to the server files (such as my.cnf) ?


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