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We are always looking for Support Specialists!

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and more support...endless world of supporting..  ;D

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
The Support Specialists handle the support boards, Reply to support requests, follow up on cold cases left behind by the Support Helpers and other community members, moderate the forum where needed, supply Charter Member support through the Helpdesk and the forum, Seek out and call out possible support helpers of the month, seek out and call out possible future team members, and take part in the software development, planning and documentation and beta testing from the support viewpoint - since we are usually the folks who see what areas of the software and documentation cause the most trouble to the end users :) And like all team members, we are not limited to doing only this, the teams are meant to be specialists in their own field, but can also do things that fall to other teams territory.

Thanks for this. I love helping out where I can. I'm not the best, not the worst, but middle-of-the-line. Some months I will be able to help out more than others :)

I think it will get the average "sandbagger" out here to be more active helping people

Perks are always a good motivator

can we nominate employees for this? 
I have gotten a lot of help recently from many of the regular staff, and even some from the regular joes as well

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