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Modifications and Packages / Re: Post and PM Inline Attachments
« Last post by Stanyy on Yesterday at 10:19:30 AM »
Uploaded v3.0 - April 17th, 2015
o Added msg parameter so that attachments from other posts can be included/quoted.
o Added code to allow inline attachments used in a post to be properly quoted.
o Added code to internally change the [attach=n] form to [attach=n][/attach] without modifying posts.
o Added code to remove text between brackets, aka [attach=0]This file[/attach] without modifying posts.
o Added option to use "One-based numbering" instead of "Zero-based numbering".
o Modified ID parameter so that invalid ID numbers are errored out instead of zeroed.
o Added option to make [attach=n] as same as [attachment=n] bbcodes.
o Fixed ILA_Remove_Tags function so that it removes the other 11 ILA bbcodes forms.
o Fixed ILA_Remove_Attachment function so that it removes the other 11 ILA bbcodes forms.
o Removed BBC buttton introduced in v2.8beta2 from the editor.
o Language strings are in seperate file and now loaded from Subs-InlineAttachments.php.
o Moved code responsible for setting topic ID (2.8beta3 fix) into Subs-InlineAttachments.php.

Please note that SMF 2.1 Beta 1 post UI modifications still does not work correctly yet.  It is being worked on, though....

WARNING!!!  You MUST uninstall your current version before installing this version!  There are major changes in v3.0 that will cause problems with your forum, up to and including PHP fatal errors, if you simply copy Subs-InlineAttachments.php over your existing copy!!!

You are a genius man. I will install the mod today and see how it goes. Thank you!
SMF Coding Discussion / Simple If Else
« Last post by Low on Yesterday at 10:08:53 AM »
Hi I'm trying to add some PHP to index.template.php but can't seem to get it to work or more than likely adding in the wrong spot.  I'm looking to add text if on the home page i.e. /index.php and else show a different text.

In the top_section of header I added this code:
Code: [Select]
<?php if($url == '/index.php') { ?>
<?php } else{ ?>
<span>test 2</span>
<?php ?>
Theme Site Themes / [Theme: Redsy] How to add login form to Nav Bar.
« Last post by sukafia on Yesterday at 09:28:22 AM »
This theme is just great, got a really cool look. for me its the best SMF theme however I'll like to have a login form in my header; That's the default SMF login form with register option as I won't want one to have to click on login before seeing the login form. I'll like my users to be able to login from the homepage just as on this forum I want the form displayed either beside the search field or main menu. Pleas help. Thanks

<a href="">My site link</a>
فارسی (Farsi) / Re: نحوه استفاده آجاکس (Ajax) در SMF.
« Last post by mrtarkhan on Yesterday at 09:06:16 AM »

توی ورژن جدید فقط پیش نمایش آجاکس به پیام های خصوصی اضافه شد  البته تا جایی که اطلاع دارم
اما این قابلیت تو ورژ 2.0 هم بود شما یه چک کنید ببینید جاوا اسکریپت رو غیرفعال نکردید؟
توی تنظیمات قالبتون  هم برید و یه سری به تنظیماتش بزنید

SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Topic subject when you reply
« Last post by Steve on Yesterday at 08:59:53 AM »
Come back and let us know what you find out. :)
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Re: WOE, PADA KEMANA KALIAN!!
« Last post by bintaroweb on Yesterday at 08:58:52 AM »
Hadir, absen dulu malam ini  :D

فارسی (Farsi) / Re: گزارش اشکالات ترجمه
« Last post by mrtarkhan on Yesterday at 08:57:36 AM »
بله من هم الان سر زدم همین مشکل بود! یه پیام به بچه های بالا دادم ببینم مشکل از کجاس؟
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Re: Salam Kenal Anggota Baru
« Last post by bintaroweb on Yesterday at 08:57:29 AM »
Salam kenal juga ya, ane dari  :)
Posisi di Tangerang Selatan
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