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Install and Upgrade Help / Can not figure out how to upgrade help lease?
« Last post by Da_moma on Yesterday at 12:29:22 PM »

I am sorry my first post is asking for help but I am trying to upgrade a smf from    SMF 2.0.7  to the current version and I have followed the instructions as outlined on the smf site but it is not working for me. The update.php does not exist anywhere I can see and when I try to update through the admin I get an permission error from hostgator . Can someone please please help me wit this? Walk me through it step my baby step? PLEASE I have been at this for hours and from everything I have read, this should not be this hard.

Thank You in advance for your help,

Modifications and Packages / Re: SimpleAds
« Last post by margarett on Yesterday at 12:24:16 PM »
Then our search function is messed :P because I searched for "adsheaders" in this topic and got no results. And now only my previous post shows in the same search...
SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: 404 Attachment Error but files are on server
« Last post by margarett on Yesterday at 12:22:50 PM »
If the maintenance action for attachments tells you that the path is incorrect, it's likely that attachments will not work.
It can be a really wrong setting or a bug in SMF (it's a beta, it can happen :P )
Check the attachments path and make sure SMF recognizes it. Can you upload a new attachment to a post?
SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: 404 Attachment Error but files are on server
« Last post by Fearless Freap on Yesterday at 12:19:19 PM »
I believe you can through the repair_settings.php but everything looks correct.  I don't see any problems and the web host doesn't seem to understand this problem.  I did look at the .htaccess file, but didn't think it was the problem.
Install and Upgrade Help / Re: Moved 2.0.1 to new server attachments missing
« Last post by Kindred on Yesterday at 12:09:59 PM »
glad you got it resolved. :)
Modifications and Packages / Re: SimpleAds
« Last post by Kindred on Yesterday at 12:08:46 PM »
why does it need troubleshooting by the Customization team?

It is the author's responsibility to update, fix or otherwise improve his/her mod. The customization team is not responsible (and in most cases, not legally entitled) to update mods.

If there is a serious issue with the mod, then report it using the report feature on the mod page and it can be removed from distribution..... unfortunately, removing it also locks this support topic.
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: SMF Sessions crashed??
« Last post by Kindred on Yesterday at 12:06:26 PM »
if you're having database errors like that regularly, it is almost definitely a host-side issue
Français (French) / Re: smf gallery
« Last post by Web68 on Yesterday at 12:06:14 PM »

c'est quoi le logiciel que tu utilise pour mettre en vidéo la capture d'écran ?

Modifications and Packages / Re: SimpleAds
« Last post by Ninja ZX-10RR on Yesterday at 11:32:30 AM »
This mod needs some serious troubleshooting by the Cust team if you ask me. It killed my forum as well back in the days, and there are *many* reports of that adsheaders_above thing in this topic, all of them after a successful installation --> not normal.
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Package Manager Error
« Last post by Illori on Yesterday at 11:22:14 AM »
if your host will not disable mod_security then i dont see any other option. once you pick a new host they should be able to move your forum over for you.
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