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Modifications and Packages / Re: Split Forum Mod
« Last post by Arantor on Yesterday at 03:54:40 PM »
And this is why writing software for people for free kind of sucks :(

You'll get there, I have faith.
Modifications and Packages / Re: Split Forum Mod
« Last post by dougiefresh on Yesterday at 03:52:45 PM »
The first seems to be easier to do and will be more stable. The second is less stable and seems harder to do and maintain.
First, I want to say that it won't be issue of stability....  Once the code modifications are finished, then it will work as advertised.  PERIOD.

Second, I'm trying to say that I need TIME to make the necessary code changes so that the mod works as advertised....  and don't ask when it'll be done.  Version 2.0 is feature-incomplete right now, and I need to do changes to make it feature complete AGAIN... (sigh)

So if there is more support to do to the second one, it will happen less often since less person will have installed the second one.
How do you figure it'll happen less often just because fewer people have installed it?  Frankly, if there is a bug in the software, I want to fix it ASAP so that the bug is squashed....  The faster I can find the bug(s), the sooner a new version gets released....
Maybe the best way to do this is to test it. 8)

Now I can first test  with dougiefresh split forum mod. Then I could do it with separate instances.
You're gonna have to ask the owner. It's been posted here, but in a private area.
Not up to anyone here to decide for her whether or not it'll be posted in public. :)
Modifications and Packages / Re: Language On Register
« Last post by Shambles on Yesterday at 03:20:47 PM »
It's at line 268 of the file you submitted
Hola davidhs, estoy tratando de instalar el mod pero no me encuentra esta línea en mi Display.Template del tema default y del tema que uso actualmente

Code: [Select]
<textarea cols="600" rows="7" name="message" tabindex="', $context['tabindex']++, '"></textarea>

El foro es
SMF 2.0.9
Theme DilberMC_2

Posiblemente tengas instalado otro mod que ha modificado esa línea.

Escribe aquí como están esas líneas en tu Themes\default\Display.template.php (o adjunta el fichero si no las localizas) y te digo lo que puedes hacer (para el otro tema será igual).
Español (Spanish) / Re: porque aparece un montón
« Last post by ArgentinaIRC on Yesterday at 03:18:56 PM »
Disculpame,.pero si existe la razon, y es que eso seria una pequeña colaboracion para las personas que ayudamos en SMF, veo que sigues con tu postura de no querer colaborar, bueno yo ya no puedo hacer mas, pero en la vida debes aprender a pedir disculpas o al menos a reibindicar tu error, y no deberias contestar de esa manera, tu contestacion al menos deberia ser "gracias por tu aporte" o "gracias por tu consejo".

Pero bueno, no nos vas a colaborar con al menos eso, que es tan simple, la.diferencia es que vos no tenes mas que hacer que buscar laspropiedades de esa captura e insertar el enlace directo de la imagen, en.cambio nosotros tenemos que obligadamente entrar a esa web para poder ver la captura, si colaboraras con eso, nos ayudarias, pero te niegas, todo bien.

Buena suerte.
Modifications and Packages / Re: Language On Register
« Last post by ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦ on Yesterday at 02:58:29 PM »
I can't manage to make the 2nd edit to this file successfully, it fails, I tried to edit it but I got a blank screen  O:) would you kindly help me please? :) The code to be added is this one:
Code: (find, but there isn't anymore, maybe for updates idk) [Select]
echo '
<span class="botslice"><span></span></span>

// If we have either of these, show the extra group.

Code: (add before) [Select]
if (!empty($modSettings['userLanguage']) && !empty($modSettings['loregister_show']) && $modSettings['loregister_show'] == 1)

echo '
<dl class="register_form" id="language_group">
<strong><label for="lngfile">', $txt['preferred_language'], ':</label></strong>
<select id="lngfile" name="lngfile">';

if (empty($context['languages']))

foreach ($context['languages'] as $key => $lang)
echo '
<option value="', $key, '" ', ($key == $language) ? 'selected="selected" ' : '', '>', str_replace('-utf8', '', $lang['name']), '</option>';

echo '


Nope, it runs on two with quite the nice specifications.
And what are those?  ;)
The biggest SMF forum (that we know of) is
Millions of posts (71+), a lot of users online at once, a real post frenzy and I believe it runs in a single dedicated server. Its specs? No idea :P

Nope, it runs on two with quite the nice specifications.
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