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Now Available / Re: MouseOver: topic preview!
« Last post by Douglas on Today at 04:26:24 PM »
Bumping an OLD topic... I had forgotten that I posted step by step instructions on this and needed this again today.

ROCK ON! This still works through SMF 2.0.8, guys. :D
Modifications and Packages / Re: Like Posts
« Last post by MaryLouW on Today at 04:20:06 PM »
I thought I was finished with asking questions but I have one more.  See the attachement.
Like Arantor, I would also recommend figuring out what's going on with MySQL instead of trying to blindly switch to another database system that you know absolutely nothing about. Did you actually give this user access to the database? If so, try connecting to the database as that use from the shell (psql -U username -W password database) and see what error it gives you. If not, see for info on how to do so.
I have learned more about coding php, mysql and smf than you could ever begin to imagine

Take this, for something YOU cant even begin to imagine:

The guy you said that to, has a LOT more coding experience, than most of the people on this site combined.

I didn't mean I'd learned more than HIM, I meant I'd learnt more than he expected I would have done. I'm still a ****** coder, just know more than I did. I know he's ridiculously talented as are so many of you guys here.

I think we're confused here about my intentions. I don't want to show the members social security registered real name, just their username vs their display name. They probably would pick two aliases for both, but it was purely to identify what their original username was before they changed it.

Maybe I've missed somethng, but why not just prevent your users from changing their display name using the setting in Features & Options....?

Because I don't want to prevent people from changing their display name?

That's kinda what I suggested, Your Chalkiness. But, hey, what do we know, ay?

Well, that would not have been what I requested either. I never said you people didn't know what you were talking about, but it seems difficult for most to grasp why I should be doing this, and understanding why your reasons don't really stand for much when nothing is setup with privacy in mind upon registration.

Jeezus, one line of code, that's all I wanted...
U opciji "Kolačići i sessioni" ne vidim nista vezano za podesavanje trajnih kolacica.
Imaš samo "Podrazumijevana dužina kolačića za prijavljivanje (u minutima)" ali to nema veze sa tvojim problemom. Najprije provjeri u dnevniku grešaka ima li što povezano s logovanjem. Pokušaj da saznaš kojim korisnicima se to dešava i koje browsere koriste. Provjeri otkada se greška javlja i jesi li u to vrijeme mijenjao nešto u admin panelu ili dodao neki mod.
Pročitaj i ovo
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: iPhone smileys cuts off posts
« Last post by hebron on Today at 03:50:57 PM »
So I have added this to the beginning of the Post2 function in Source/Post.php:
Code: [Select]
require_once '/path/to/library/';

$config = HTMLPurifier_Config::createDefault();
$purifier = new HTMLPurifier($config);
$_REQUEST['message'] = $purifier->purify($_REQUEST['message']);

Right after:
Code: [Select]
        // No need!
        $context['robot_no_index'] = true;

And I no longer get an error when previewing a post with emojis, they are just removed and all text is kept. But no change when I post, then all text after the first emojis is lost. How can I also apply this filter when posting? I've read trough the function but am no closer to understanding why...
Converting to SMF / Re: convertion kunena 1.7.2 to smf
« Last post by oksifun on Today at 03:50:13 PM »
No need to sorry
i appreciate your attention to my problem and I'll wait as long as necessary
Thank You!
De nada compañero.
Site Comments, Issues and Concerns / Re: Applied and Declined Requests
« Last post by on Today at 03:44:45 PM »
Eh, why lock declined ones? Surely it would be better to lock the approved ones and leave the declined ones for debate?

Though this still doesn't include the swathes of all ones that were just moved, regardless of being solved or not.
Bien, entónces tendría que pasar hacer un backup de todas las carpetas/subcarpetas y archivos dentro de ellos, como también archivos en el directorio raíz, además del backup que debería hacer con PHPMyAdmin.

Osea que con eso ya estaría todo listo? me imagino que si, porque tendría el foro completo en mi pc y aparte la base de datos del mismo, eso es suficiente? o existe otra u otras bases de datos?
pregunto amigo porque si me llego a olvidar de algo o no se que había que guardar tal cosa, después puede ser tarde!!

Estube mirando ese post que me pasaste y está muy bueno!! bien explicado y completo!!!

Así que ha sido removida la opción de hacer un backup desde el panel de administración en la versión 2.1.*, mira vos, así me gusta que vayamos mejorando día a día!!! ;)

Gracias Diego!
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