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SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: utf-8 conversion error
« Last post by richardwbb on Yesterday at 05:22:31 PM »
More then I do, with programming I suppose, haha.

I'm not sure on what '$modSettings', means [what it does], and this might work for you. But if it is possible that a user inserts a Latin encoded database dumpfile into a UTF-8 talking MySQL database, all special characters will end up 'ich'.

But that might relate to the situations I've been, because that settings, I saw in the database file, and it was empty. It also wasn't showing ISO-8859-1 and I believe there is no other option for encoding scheme's. [and how on earth did that got lost]

So I would, test the whole database, for non-Latin characters, that is easy, I've done it, then, manually convert it with iconv [possibly also the way it is done with SMF, and don't ask me how this is done on a WAMP server, haha] and then send the required command with phpMyAdmin to MySQL, to change character set and collation of all the tables. <- this doesn't change the content inside the database on any table.

What I don't get, is that people that are programmers, still have been able to create, MyISAM tables while InnoDB is prefered, and, that they are able to, still, put the encoding to Latin1, or 'swedish chef', haha. [or that a UTF-8 running SMF forum, still modifications aren't updating language in the UTF-8 version of that language file]. The latter is easy to overcome though.

And a final point. A UTF-8 running SMF forum, does not, display non-Latin characters properly, with the 'okay users' message inside Settings.php, tadaa.
attachment; fetch.php, fetch.html and fetch-example.jpg

I have been reading to understand SSI.php and made a piece of code that will suit my needs. I'm looking for, how to learn, where, SSI's output, is rendered on screen. My idea was; write, 'fetch.php', and use a php require statement. Since I have told you all, i'm not a programmer, I did reason, that I am able, to find the place in the SMF code, where, all boards are rendered and then, implement another php if statement, to put the 'recent posts' between two boards.

I've put, '<?php require("fetch.php"); ?>', inside, index.template.php, BoardIndex.template.php and MessageIndex.template.php, the output of SSI.php gets rendered on top of the forum, see; 'fetch-example.jpg'. How can I overcome this?

SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Won’t post linked images... no matter what size/site
« Last post by Kindred on Yesterday at 04:58:18 PM »
something is stripping out the img BBC completely, before it gets posted. I can not imagine what would be doing that in SMF code.
Français (French) / Re: Connexion smf et wordpress
« Last post by nicotoine on Yesterday at 04:57:29 PM »
Je vais essayer de nouveau !
Français (French) / Re: Connexion smf et wordpress
« Last post by maximus23 on Yesterday at 04:51:30 PM »

Tu as bien mis ton path correctement ?

Il te met bien que le plug-in est correctement activé ?

SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: 2.1 URLs
« Last post by Kindred on Yesterday at 04:51:14 PM »
they will remain the same
Français (French) / Re: Connexion smf et wordpress
« Last post by nicotoine on Yesterday at 04:38:48 PM »
Le plugin est activé, mais lorsque je fais une inscription sur mon site wordpress et que je me connecte à wordpress,
le nouveau login n'est pas connecté au forum smf.
SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: 2.1 URLs
« Last post by vbgamer45 on Yesterday at 04:36:50 PM »
I believe they are the same.
SMF 2.1.x Support / 2.1 URLs
« Last post by Pyrhel on Yesterday at 04:33:16 PM »
Hello everyone. I have a question about the URLs in upcoming version - will the topics and boards keep the current urls? My main concern is if they're changed it will affect the Google's SERP - will the update be noticed by the search engines and will be any problems with the attached files in the forum?
Modifications and Packages / Re: httpBL
« Last post by shawnb61 on Yesterday at 03:45:13 PM »

I have seen a several false positives over the years.  Yes, I add them manually when I encounter them.   

IP is far from a perfect tool to use, but it works the vast majority of the time. 
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