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Modifications and Packages / Re: NChat - No SQL Save BW shoutbox
« Last post by peps1 on Yesterday at 04:02:21 PM »

+ CHMOD 0666 for these files: l.txt, NChatMess.php, NChatMuteList.php
+ CHMOD 0644 for all the files left
+ CHMOD 0755 for these folders: ./NChat, ./NChat/sounds

Think it could be a permission issue, as I'm on a windows host

So, I guess my question should now be, Has anyone got this running on a windows server, and if so how, as CHMOD is not an option?
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Who's Online saying : "Nothing or Nothing you can see..."
« Last post by K@ on Yesterday at 03:59:07 PM »
A couple of SMFPacks ones, by the look of it...
Modifications and Packages / Re: NiceTooltips
« Last post by on Yesterday at 03:58:37 PM »
Basically, whilst on:
we can use the tooltips to preview the latest post, rather than the first post..
Maybe, I can add this with next mod version.

~ Much appreciated! :)

SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Apostrophe Killing Posts
« Last post by K@ on Yesterday at 03:53:09 PM »
Small tip: When you backup the database, take two copies, at least.

Database backups can be corrupt.

There speaks the voice of tragic experience...
except those are NOT basic facts... they are, once again, your opinion.

(and apparently, the only ones who "show promise" are the ones who agree with you? LOL!)

and, again, you happen to be incorrect.  Microsft and Yahoo don't actually have the best developers...   their products have cornered the marketplace and they have been cruising without any real development (except backwards, IMO) for years.   for example, each successive version of windows and MS Office has beena STEP BACK in terms of functionality in most cases - for the past 4 releases.

as for "everything's outdated" -- once again, your opinion.

and, as for user demand...  there actually is not all that much demand for a WP bridge...   Yep, there are some... but, for the most part, people are quite happy using SMF without a bridge to WP.
nope... I listened to you. My head is not in the sand.
I just happen to disagree with your statements and your conclusions.

First lesson in project management: Take what is requested, analyze it and the determine what is worth putting effort into...
second lesson: The customer is not always right.
third lesson: When you have a backlog of tasks and requests, you work on the ones that are necessary, interesting, and useful (in that order)

Ha hahah Your ghoood...Make for a useful bottleneck...joking of course. Just intent in thrashing this out is all. Forget Project Management and focus on what's important, user demand as without it you have a Mercedes that cant be sold!
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Apostrophe Killing Posts
« Last post by Kindred on Yesterday at 03:33:42 PM »
no. the only way to "convert back" is to restore a backup
Popular should be the key word ;)

And for the random user, terribly coded is the least of their concerns. Popular, on the other hand... ;)

Now here's someone that shows promise.
see though... I do use wordpress on several sites, as noted above.

it is TERRIBLY CODED...   I mean, utterly TERRIBLE in coding practices and optimization...

I would never run it on a site with anything else also running...

and those numbers just show how silly people get fooled by "well, it's popular, so it must be good"

Optimisations an issue however I see someone's head diving into the sand again. I quoted Microsoft and Yahoo for good reason because they are the MOST popular, they have the best developers etc etc. You can choose to ignore basic facts or do something about it? >>>User feedback see.
Theme Site Themes / Re: BackToRetro
« Last post by Carvin on Yesterday at 03:29:45 PM »
Looooove the theme.  Need a little help, though. I thought if I changed some of the images by replacing the files I could customize it more.

I replaced background, cell, and logo with my own images and, so I wouldn't have to change any coding, I used the same names and file types.  (I double-checked them in my hosting and the images shown there ARE the ones I uploaded).  The thing is, everything remains the same.  I've tried resetting the themes, switching through the themes, logging out and back in,  a different browser (I know, browser doesn't matter, right? ;) ), I even deleted the theme and uploaded it again (with my own omages).

Am I overlooking something, or is it a more complex process?

A hard refresh may be in order. Get the old images out of your browser cache, and it'll probably work.

Awesome theme, BTW.  :D
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