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Getting a form NOT to start on a new line?

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But that won't validate.


someone needs to go to w3c and propose the right placement of form tags. ;D

even there form tags are outside the table and that messes with validating the table :P

any way it's so small they might reject it, everything getting assigned has to do with XML ::)

Why?  There are perfectly valid ways to fix this problem, and there are reasons <form> is not allowed between <table> and <tr> or <tr> and <td>.


Guys, the W3C has provided a great way to do this

add this to your css:

--- Code: ---form {
    padding: 0px;

--- End code ---

Why make things harder then they really are?


thanks for all the help!

I'm gonna try tims method later. The problem is on seconds thought I can't rely on being able to use table tags. Basically, this code goes in a function that *may* be part of a table but may not. I basically have to assume that it isn't part of a table. Hopefully the padding solution shall work and be legal :D

* Grudge hopes


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