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SMF Topic Prefix Mod v1.2.2 - NIBOGO
Powerful topic prefix system, with full control of every prefix.Link to Mod | My Mods | Donate | Official Website |
PRO VERSION | SMF 1.1.X Version
Important Info:
o This Mod was created by - The #1 Website for the Customziation of your SMF. Provides Other Great Packages:
- Reason for Editing Mod.
- Yet Another Global Announcements Mod.
- SMF Social Groups.
- SMF Links Directory.
- SMF Downloads Directory.
- SMF Dynamic Directory.
- Advanced Topic Prefix Mod.
- Advanced Invitations System.
- Move Topic Notification.
- PM to New Members.
- Permissions Info.
- Next Post Level.
- Karma Buttons.
- SMF Multi Quote.
- Attachments in Topics.
- and much more visit us on


PRO Version & SMF 1.1.X Version:
o THERE IS A PRO VERSION AVAILABLE WITH PREFIX COLOR, FORMAT (B,I.U and S), Hyperlink, Image, Custom Sort of Prefixes, and more.

o You can create unlimited prefix.
o Select in what boards will be shown each prefix.
o Select what membergroups will be able to select each prefix.
o Simple and friendly admin panel for all the prefix.
o Permission to manage prefixes.
o Support for the Linktree.
o Easy manual installation , you can manually install the db with the db_prefix.php.

Manual Edit:

The SMF Topic Prefix Mod has a new feature, YAGAM Manual Database Installation you only need to upload the file "db_prefix.php" and open the file on your browser:

- English/English UTF8
- Spanish_es/Spanish_latin - Spanish_es-utf8/Spanish_latin-utf8

- 2.0


Version 1.2.2 - June 29, 2011
- Added 2.0 Support.

Version 1.2 - Dic 01, 2009
- Added Curve & 2.0 RC2 Support.
- Changed the Latest Version Script provider to

Version 1.1 - May 25, 2009
- Now the mod shows the name of each membergroups in the Admin Panel
- Fixed some bugs in the Topic Prefix Version Page.
- Fixed a little bug in the Post page.
- Fixed a bug in Topic Prefix strings with the Permission Name and Description

Version 1.0 - Apr 01, 2009
- Initial Release.

v2 is still in RC stages where v1 is final. So i would say it would have been better if this was for v1.1.8 first :)


I'v already instal this mod on 2.0 RC1...
Ther i no postprefix panet al Administrativ panet at all.

O! Important message, i'm installing on polish/polish-utf8... but i'm doing it like with english and spanish, manually.

Why there is no panel and no info that this mod is installed?

Great mod, installed and worked first time no problems. Suggestion for future versions - separate the prefix from the topic title so that they become two separate clickable entities e.g.

'prefix 1 topic header'
becomes two clickable entities
'prefix 1' and 'topic header'
Clicking 'prefix 1' would then list all topics with the same prefix.
Make sense? :)

In Admin under the 'Forum' section there should be 'Prefix Admin Panel'


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