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NChat - No SQL Save BW shoutbox

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what is the default time for it? i by chance removed it from the modification settings, now it just shows xx in the chat box and i dunno which format it uses.

Can someone please look up their settings menu and tell ?

Uninstalled ajax, but still not showing up

I get this error message

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare nchatsettings() (previously declared in /hermes/waloraweb005/b1574/moo.universalfriendsus/smf/Sources/ManageSettings.php:2066) in /hermes/waloraweb005/b1574/moo.universalfriendsus/smf/Sources/ManageSettings.php on line 2176

can somone pls look into their NChat and let me know what the default time format on this mod is?

Does it sometimes become unavailable too? Server down or something? It suddenly stopped working and for last 2 hrs.

No one knows?

--- Quote from: THE BRA1N on March 25, 2012, 05:22:15 PM ---Does this mod have an ignore feature for users? If so, how do you activate it?

--- End quote ---

Also, if someone can tell me where the coding for the color of the chat user name and time is located, Id appreciate it

For future development, it would be great if each user could turn the sound off and on according to their preference.


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