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Is there any way off adding a permissions to this.
For example I have a V.I.P only board that i would like to set so only vip members can see the auto embeded videos

Nao 尚:
@nbk> thanks ;) I'm still unhappy having had to remove the whole YouTube quality changing functionality... It sucks :(
@sepulchre> yes if you don't know how to update manually. No if you have some experience. Just update the modified files in their respective folders (beware, Aeva.english.php is in the root but must be put into your languages folder.)
@tbk> you installed the new version without uninstalling first?


If you'll recall from the previous thread you wrote:

--- Quote ---kai, very odd indeed... I'm not getting this on my side. However, I'm getting an error nonetheless. In Subs-Aeva-Admin.php, add this at line 638:

Code:    if (!empty($page))
(Right before the settings_title line.)

It goes to show that ModifyAevaSettings() is called by the SMF search engine. I have absolutely no idea why, I never used that internal admin search engine. Is there anyone out there who could give me a clue?
--- End quote ---

I inserted the    if (!empty($page)) code before the line as suggested but it still changes the browser title.

Has anyone else noticed the browser title changing in the admin search?

hello when i post a link it just shows me the video link and it shows external embedding disabled :( how do i enable it :(

EDIT : i am sorry the video i was trying the embed was disabled embedding by its author .. problem is solved

I have a problem with this mod I wanted to know if you could help.
At the bottom of every page weather loged in or not under the SMF copyright details it says.

--- Quote ---
  Video embedding by Aeva, © Noisen
--- End quote ---

How can i get rid of it


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