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Thumbs Up (Like / Dislike) for Posts?

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--- Quote from: Nibogo on May 03, 2012, 08:06:37 AM ---That's why there are mods! If something doesn't fit as a feature it can be a mod, and everyone is happy :)

--- End quote ---
I know!
I just want to be sure I didn't miss anything. ;)


--- Quote from: emanuele on May 03, 2012, 06:19:35 AM ---What it's really difficult for me is to understand what is the difference between a "like" and a reply.
If I like a post I quote it and I state I like it, if I like or I'm interested in a topic I answer there. What does the "like" add to a conversation (that is the main point of a forum)? In my opinion...nothing...

And it's a genuine question, not a criticism or anything similar.

--- End quote ---

For example, it's one click vs click+write+click.

It's much easier to click a "like"-type button, and by that, add your rating to the post. And, for the reader, it's straightforward to see the respective post has been rated by 53 people, than to read 53 replies saying only that they like/agree/think it's nice. Of course, if you have more to say than "like"/"agree"/"me too"/"funny one", than you wouldn't use the button (only), you'd also reply. But for a quick statement of "nice one", it's easy to just click once.

Y'know, quickness, make it easy, then move on to the next.

It does actually cut down on the '+1 / me too / agree' type posts, I find.

So the only advantage is that lazy people can be even more lazy... O:)

I thought you'd like that! :D


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