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Documentation Team Leader
« on: October 04, 2011, 09:19:41 PM »
During my time as the Documentation Team Leader I have brought on board several excellently talented people, brought us from antiquated documentation site to the wiki, made documentation a community level task, promoted our documentation in every possible way, streamlined documentation practices, set out a roadmap for the doc team, and helped make way with the Steering Committee.

After all of that, the job still isn't done. Luckily enough, I am extremely happy to welcome AngelinaBelle as our new Doc Team leader. I am more than confident that the team and project are in good hands with her leading up documentation.

I will now focus on other areas, like development and the code documentation. This will also give me more time to focus on my role on the Board of Directors.

I meant to write a longer, more poetic post but that's about all I have to say. Thanks.
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Re: Documentation Team Leader
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2011, 09:22:06 PM »
Thank you for everything Joshua! :)
And thanks for taking over AngelinaBelle!

Happy to see you are staying around here Josh :)
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Re: Documentation Team Leader
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2011, 01:28:59 PM »
Big thanks to you and big thanks to angelina for her great work too. Excellent team. Thank you all. ;)
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Re: Documentation Team Leader
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2011, 08:14:08 PM »
Josh, thanks for all your contributions up until now and good luck with the new position Angelina. :)

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