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Mod (Modification) not showing after installation?

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Either a spammer...


A weirdo! ;)

No link spam so I'm  unsure. I usually report spam posts with a bang, though. But that one *is* suspicious...

Maybe the "Perv" bit of the username's relevant, ay? ;)


--- Quote from: K@ on December 06, 2010, 04:53:02 PM ---With v1.x of SMF, mods only install to the SMF default theme. (Although, some will install to Babylon and Classic, too).

To make them work/show with custom themes, you need to make manual edits to the relevant files in the custom theme's directory.

To see what those edits are, you need to look on the mod's page.

Just below the download link, you'll see a parser.

Select the version that you're using and click "Parse".

Clicking "Select", just above a block of code, will select the code, with it's correct formatting.

Then, you just need to right-click and select "Copy".

When you paste the code to where it's supposed to go, the correct formatting will be maintained.

--- End quote ---

What happens if there is no parser?  I'm using the Guhlin-Antep theme, and for most mods that i want to use, the mods install, but I get blank spaces in my admin panel. 

I have attached a photo of the problem that I am having.  Notice all the blank text areas for an installed mod?  This happens for most all of my mods. 

I'm not familiar with PHP, but can follow some directions...  Thanks!

looks like an issue with your language strings, but you are best to post in the mods support thread.


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