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Forum just showing white screen

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The real shame is that most of it is avoidable except people don't.

SMF pushes people to making files writable and then people don't make them unwritable again, causing all the files to be left writable by any process on the server. Thus anything on the server that is compromised will then go on to infect forums.

People don't believe me when I tell them how common this actually is and that there's little you can do to deal with it all the time that files have to be writable by the application itself, which is why I keep telling people not to use one-click installers for updates.

So what is the best way to prevent this kind of thing happening?

Make sure all your files are not writable, use 644 permissions for files and 755 for folders - you can set that from Admin > Packages > Options.

Also keep your forum and modifications up to date.

Yup, though very often people leave their forum insecure so that they can keep it 'up to date' without realising that they're actually making themselves insecure.


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