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IMPORTANT: Large sessions table on Debian/Ubuntu Linux hosted forum?

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nice info i am using this os so i wanna change this immediately,i never had any idea about this

Is this already on 2.0.1 right? I looked in my Load.php and this modifiacation was already been done...

thanks for really helping information

I've hunted around the SMF site, checked the manuals and this thread appears to be the best place to hopefully find an answer (or answers) ... and I will apologize up front if this appears to be step backwards, but most of the posts here are a couple of years old and there have been a few SMF upgrades since then and given that I am a novice at this, I don't wish to make more mistakes than absolutely necessary.

I've been running a SMF forum for a few years now and I am not a techie. My forum isn't large (or that's what I understand), runs on SMF 1.1.16, and I have only one theme mod (though I would like to add two more).   My Forum is seasonally busy, mostly from March to September and much quieter the rest of the year.  My Forum runs fine but it seems that some of the tables when I look at my databse in phpMyAdmin are very large. 

In particular:
   _sessions = 1,220,458 records / 670.0 MiB
   _messages = 60,693 records / 29.9 MiB
   _personal_messages = 6,118 records / 3.7 MiB
  ... the rest are all KiB and much smaller

It isn't really a surprise that _messages and _personal_messages are large just by their names - my members like to talk to one another both on the boards and via PM.  The _sessions file I'm afraid I just don't understand fully what all is being stored there and why is should be so very large, considering the size of my forum.  If someone could help me with a simpler explanation, I would appreciate it! 

I have never made a manual change to any of my SMF files, but from what I have read above, this might be necessary ... but before I do that, I would appreciate an opinion more knowledgeable than mine.  Or if there is something else I can/should do either in phyMyAdmin or SMF.

Thanks for everyone's patience on this.  My forum has/does run fine but I would prefer to proactively address problems if I can.  And if there isn't a problem, except in my lack of technical knowledge, that's fine too!  ;)  And if more information is needed, just let me know.


PS - sorry, I can't say if my forum is a "Debian/Ubuntu Linux hosted forum", but if I know what to look for/ask about I can find out ...

Forgive me if this has been answered already:

Does this problem still need manual correction on a Ubuntu 12.04 server with a fresh install of SMF 2.0.4?

Or has this been corrected over the last few years since the but/thread was first set sticky?


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