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Moving Calendar Linked Events

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I am running the default theme and recently downloaded an event registration mod for my site.  The linked event only shows at the top of the event post.  Usually there's a lot of registrations, so I would like to move it to the left side block section.

Can some one instruct or direct me on how to do this?  I am new to this whole coding thing, but have a lot of years in experience in regular HTML designing.

Thanks in advance!

Please attach Display.template.php and I'll move it for you. :)



Can you please add the requested file as an attachment and not as a post otherwise it makes it harder for the person to assist with this.

To attach to a post download the file to your desktop then using the attachments in the posting area click on browse and attach the required file.

This attachs the file to a post.

i have removed the code pasted above as it does not fit in a post and was not complete. as requested above attach the file to your next post.


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