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SMFPacks Shoutbox v1.1 - NIBOGO
Powerful Shoutbox Mod fully integrated and fully customizable with SMF with a lot of great features!

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Important Info:
o This Mod was created by - The #1 Website for the Customization of your SMF. Provides Other Great Packages:
- Reason for Editing Mod.
- Yet Another Global Announcements Mod.
- SMF Social Groups.
- SMF Links Directory.
- SMF Downloads Directory.
- SMF Dynamic Directory.
- Advanced Topic Prefix Mod.
- Advanced Invitations System.
- SMFPacks Shoutbox.
- Move Topic Notification.
- PM to New Members.
- Permissions Info.
- Next Post Level.
- Karma Buttons.
- SMF Multi Quote.
- Attachments in Topics.
- ZuneCard BBCODE.
- and much more visit us on

Original Author:
- makito



* Users
- Text styles, fonts, colors and backgrounds
- Smileys
- Play sound on new messages
- Disable sound
- /me command
- Auto links converter
* Moderators
- /clear or /prune command
- Moderation Panel
   ~ Edit or delete messages
   ~ Ban users
   ~ Message history
* Administrators
- Disable modification
- Auto hide modification
- Disable text features or smileys
- Add or delete font families
- Show new messages at the top or bottom
- Show message box at the top or bottom
- Maximium word's lenght
- Maximium message's lenght
- Minimium message's lenght
- ... and more
- 1.1.X
- 2.0

Special Thanks:
- makito (Original Author of the Mod)
- JCS (Spanish Translator)


1.1 - 27 May 2017
* Much easier installation.
- Support for SMF 1.1.X
+ Support for PHP 7.X
* New sound method for better compatibility.
! Minor tidy up!
+ Added "everywhere" as a key string to show the shoutbox across the entire forum!

1.0.5 - 02 April 2014
! SSL Links weren't converted property

1.0.4 - 14 July 2012
! SSL Links weren't converted property
! IE9 Issues

1.0.3 - 30 June 2011
! Fixed Moderation actions in pages different than 1. (Thanks to KeeKee for the fix)
! Auto focus on page load.
! Users could be logged while using the shoutbox.
! Shouts with ' couldn't be modified. (Thanks to Akyhne for the fix)

1.0.2 - 29 June 2011
@ Updated for SMF 2.0

Im thinking of installing it.

Of course i can put it on the end of the page if i want right ?

yeah, if you have any knowledge on html, you can put the shoutbox where you want it to be showed, also, you can ask for help

Yeah i know some stuff.

I am installing it now on DilberMc , i am adding the edits manually on my files on Themes/DilberMc/index.template.php and etc

Mate im having problems editing my index.template.php file.

Can you plz help me by adding the necessary code where it should be ?

Attached.(themes/dilbermc index file)


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