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SMF2 RC2 / Curve - iPhone Display Issue


First of all congratz for this brilliant release. Curve is awesome and, on the whole, I'm impressed!

However, there seem to be some display issues with Safari on the iPhone (I wasn't able to reproduce it on my PC and Mac):

1. The first attached screenshot shows the info center at the very bottom of the forum. As you can see *some* topics are smaller than the others. The small ones are hardly readable on the iPhone without zooming. I was browsing the forums as a guest. Hence, it can't have anything to do with un/read posts.

2. The second screenshot shows two different postings in a discussion. Although both users didn't use any markups (I verified this by trying to edit the posts - just plain text; also checked the database) the text in the first posting ("frechheit.") is much smaller than the text in the second posting ("So ist es, Trainer!") which is the way it should be! Again, this is only happening on the iPhone.

My members are complaining about it. There are many issues (like attachments) related to the safari/ iphone.

Joshua Dickerson:
Does this persist?

Joshua Dickerson:
Moving to fixed/bogus until someone can confirm it persists (I don't have an iPhone)

Angelina Belle:
In my unscientific tests here at, where SMF 2.0.2 is running, I do not see the problems described by hansdampf.

If anyone is still having such problems, please provide a link. And a test account, if appropriate.


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