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Any chance of books on SMF?

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This question is for the behind-the-scenes guys on SMF:

Any chance of any e-books for sale or printed books on how to create a forum using SMF as well as customising one in the future as I feel that there'd be a market for this sort of thing, both for absolute beginners as well as those who have some experience with previous versions of SMF.

have you read our wiki? most of that stuff is covered in the wiki.

I never knew there was a Wiki for SMF...

I'll check that out although I still think that there would be people besides myself who would definitely buy a book (even if it's only a e-book) with in-depth instructions on how to get the best out of SMF, especially where Mods are concerned.

As Illori mentioned, most things that you would need to read about and how to get the most of SMF can be found within the Wiki.

I see little to no need for an actual book as such.


i dont think we have the resources to create a book of any type at this time, nor the time or resources to try to sell or distribute it to others.


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