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Cloudflare and Embeded Images & Videos make the site time out now ...

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I wondered if anyone of you has expirienced the same problem?

Since I have employed cloudflare I am no longer able to neither load nor make posts that have embeded images or videos (Photobucket, Youtube)

Has anyone had teh same problem?

Thank you

Have you gotten this solved yet. I used to use cloudfare and it never had a negative effect on my site.

I'm still working on it and am trying to see if it is a server issue or related to cloud flare. May I ask why you have stopped using cloud flare? Thank you

We generally shouldn't impact embedded content. Do you have Rocket Loader or Auto Minify turned on? These might impact things that require JavaScript to work. If yes, try turning these off in your CloudFlare settings to see if that helps resolve the issue (settings->CloudFlare settings).

I just didn't feel it was being useful to my setup and the way my sites were running. It is a good thing to use though for a lot of people. Don't let me talk you out of using it. :)


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