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dear god that was a pain in the butt

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ok, I was TRYING to register a dang account here so that I could post a comment on a mods page, and dear god... it too me LITERALLY between 20 to 30 times of trying to freaking register before I got that dang captcha right...dear god you guys have it pathetically difficult to figure out due to the lines...everything other than the lines is readable, but every god dang time I would try to read it, those dang lines would be RIGHT through the middle of the letters, and with them being so small in comparison, it is harder than heck to freaking get it right... man oh man that was a pain...  and I've had to fill out at least 100 to 250 of the ink blot captchas, and that was by far, much but I'm finally registered now, after like 10 minutes, so I cant complain too much at this point...  I just wish they were a bit easier to read, line wise...

Adish - (F.L.A.M.E.R):
I feel it for you. :) It indeed seems difficult. I have reported it to our site team to look into it.

Welcome to SMF though!

The method is hard for some with not so good eye sight to read.  Don't forget you can click the listen link below it and listen to the captcha as well.

But we are not mean people :P, If you had sent something to our contact form, we would of been willing to help out :)  I bumped your account to 10 posts so you don't have to enter captcha on your posts anymore.

I actually totally agree with CM.

I find all of those images difficult to make out.

Whatever site it's on, those damned wiggly lines make some letters totally obscure.

A trick I use for difficult ones to read is to zoom the page via CTRL and + then use CTRL and - to return it to normal. It allows you to read them easier if they have a lot of 'noise' on the image.


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