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Drupal 7 and SMF 2.x - any bridge?

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it's not a matter of donations...   it's a matter of taking one (or more) of the developers off of the core product and putting them on bridges.

I'd rather have them chunking out 2.0 final...
Additionally, since this is a volunteer project, that dev would have to WANT to do the bridge(s)

I think it is work for only short time for profesional dev to prepare "bridge mod" like this.

But - ok. I understand.

Good luck and thanks for your time :)

I'm looking forward to an official drupal bridge from SMF.  I would point out that Drupal Commons and the Acquia Drupal distributions are still using Drupal 6.  There is also "word" that the forum feature in Drupal Commons (called organic forums) is now officially listed as abandoned, meaning that SMF could potentially have an opportunity to tap into the drupal customer base with a Drupal Bridge.  The best Drupal can currently do with forums is with a module called Advanced Forum.

See an install of Drupal Commons at

Likewise, I'm running Drupal with SMF 1.x on two big board sites, I can't make any major upgrades with the existing Drupal module's limited support/updates/bugfixes. 347 sites report using this module, plus x? unreported. I rolled my own D6 module to map the Drupal roles and SMF membergroups.

I'll add my voice here - Another website owner stuck with Drupal 6 and a somewhat limited bridge which doesn't look like it's going to be updated very soon.

SMF is far superior to Drupal's integrated forum engine. Given the lack of bridges for D7, I'd expect such a bridge with SMF 2.0 to actually be quite popular. Especially now that final is out.

Well, that's my two cents.


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