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So I finally made it.

All flash games made for SMF Arcade are designed to pass the post information to the root index.php file on a web site.

This mambot will pass SMF arcade post information to submit scores back to SMF Arcade from Mambo. This will make it possible for scores to be submitted in SMF Arcade using the Mambo bridge.

The mambot can be downloaded below. Please report any problems you have with it here.

Note: This is not a SMF modification. Please install this mambot as you would with any other mambot.

Awesome!  No more need for hacking the Mambo index.php.  :)

Anyone want this, go head. I no longer have Mambo and can't support this mod. Modify it as you well. Don't PM me for permission.


can I see info on this somewhere? screenshots or something? I'd like to see it work before  trying it on my site.

This is such a old topic, I can barely remember this mambot but from what I remember is that it does not have any screen shots. All it does is redirect the post data back to SMF transparently from SMF Arcade.

As to the mambot working... It was made in 2008 and 3 years have passed since then. There have been some changes in all 3 software packages, Mambo, SMF and SMF Arcade. So it may work or do nothing at all, who knows it is a old mambot. If it does still work I would like to hear about it.

I wouldn't be too worried about installing it though. As with any other mambot you just uninstall it and it is like it was never there before.


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