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Angelina Belle:
What is a Fork?
Any alternative or derived version of a piece of software is called a fork, because its developers have taken a different "fork in the road". The BSD license chosen for SMF 2.0 permits, and even encourages community members to create their own forks, each with their own unique names. Community members can feel free to experiment, to share the results of their experiments, and to test others' experiments. The community and the team should benefit.

What is this board for?
This board is intended to help promote and develop the SMF forum software and the SMF community by providing a place to discuss any available forks of SMF.  Because permissive open-source licenses like BSD make it easy for everyone to build on each other's experience, we wish to encourage others to use an open-source license.

Rules of this board
* This board is for discussion of open-source forks of SMF 2.
* You may showcase your fork here, if it is an open-source fork of SMF, and if you have followed the requirements of SMF's license agreement.
* You may not showcase or advertise any non-open-source fork.
* You may discuss, analyze, compare, contrast, and post benchmark results comparing SMF and any SMF forks.
* Discussions must remain civil, respectful, polite.
* Once a moderator has been appointed, he or she will encourage posters to state their points in friendly and respectful ways.  The moderator may delete any posts which are not in keeping with the site's use policy. The moderator may request rewording of, or even delete, any posts which serve as advertisements for non-open-source forks of SMF.


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