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--- Quote ---Care to share some of your gadgets? I'm still interested in what people use
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* Joker™ still using this

Ha, Ha

Joshua Dickerson:

--- Quote from: CoreISP on May 22, 2012, 11:51:59 PM ---
--- Quote from: ApplianceJunk on May 22, 2012, 02:50:11 PM ---I use a macbook, are you still interested? lol... ;)

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Yes sir!
I don't hate Apple users, I hate the close minded fanboys that think "Apple is good because it's Apple and anything else than Apple can't be any good" :P

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Exactly how I feel. Macs are pretty and they have decent hardware but they are also ridiculously overpriced and on par with the rest of the world.


--- Quote ---That's not me. :)

I do like my macbook, but I know their is a lot of other good stuff out there too.
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Good to hear :D
Of course! If you didn't like it you wouldn't purchase it I presume :P

--- Quote ---* Joker™ still using this

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Ha, that actually has a txt function doesn't it? :P
That reminds me of how the phone market went. First phones were just... big. Then everything got smaller and smaller and anyone that didn't have the smallest phone around was laughed at for having a huge phone. Now we got the bloody Galaxy Note that doesn't even fit in your pocket :P Oh the irony.
Of course you can do far more with the new phones, but it's still stupid ;)

--- Quote ---Exactly how I feel. Macs are pretty and they have decent hardware but they are also ridiculously overpriced and on par with the rest of the world.
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Amen! :)
For example, I had the choice last month between a ultrabook or a macbook. The ultrabook had far better specs and costed less money. Easy choice :P I never really understood when people see that when comparing it: they still pick the macbook. It's not like Apple's warranty is so awesome or anything and both are equally thin and pretty. (At least... Warranty is not good at all here in Europe with Apple... major complaints going on, they don't stick to the rules at all.)
Although, I must confess... If I get a choice between, for example, a SuperMicro server or a HP server, and the SuperMicro server has slightly better hardware and costs less; i'd still go for the HP. But with HP I know I get proper warranty and support. If that were the case with Apple; I might understand the choice. I just don't see it and thus really can't understand why the choice for the more expensive, and less powerful, mac is made.

* CoreISP shrugsEach to his own though :) It's probably something I can't understand because I don't like the products much myself and don't consider them special at all. Nor better than the rest, at all. (Depending on who you compare it with though... Agreed there. Apple vs Samsung? I pick Samsung. Apple vs HP? I pick HP. Apple vs Asus? I pick Asus. Apple vs Acer? I'd pick Apple :P)

- Liroy

Well, I picked up a MacBook Pro recently, some of my colleagues figured I was crazy but I'm sure I made the right choice.

I mean, I do development that involves iOS sometimes, so that pretty much immediately demands Mac OS X (certainly the stuff I do, I don't have a magic convenient compiler outside of Xcode) but while that's pretty compelling, it wasn't the only reason. I've used a lot of computers and I've found that even now, hibernate/quick suspend doesn't always behave properly due to varieties of hiccups between motherboard and OS drivers - but I'm happy to report I haven't had that problem on my MBP, something a number of my immediate supported users (i.e. family) can't claim about their variously-branded machines (desktop and laptop)

Ultimately, for the amount of money I paid, I feel I got my money's worth, even if that was a rather high price. I get a 17" laptop with good graphics support (Radeon 6850) and I actually find I know where I stand with its components vs other laptops I've had to support over the years, but that's me. (I'm also fairly sure it's not placebo effect either)

End of the day you have the choice to buy whatever brand suits your needs, but of all the machines I've bought and worked on over the years, this MBP is the one I've been happiest with. And given what I do in terms of tinkering, I think it's fair to say I'm not exactly the sheep type, as I'm more than prepared to dig around under the hood. It's just nice having a machine that behaves without my having to browbeat it into submission at times :)


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