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Cool, I like reading about the team members.

Have you had any official training or schooling related to computers or have you learned everything on your own?


--- Quote from: CoreISP on May 13, 2012, 01:04:43 PM ---I'll skip this one

--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: CoreISP on May 13, 2012, 01:28:08 PM ---Oreo :P

--- End quote ---

Wonder if a Dutch Oreo taste the same as a American Oreo?


--- Quote ---Assassins Creed and Final Fantasy
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Apple fanboys who are not open to other platforms. IMHO, Apple products are overrated, overpriced and far too limited. While they do work perfectly: that's about all they do, the restrictions from factory are sickening. The hardware used is by far not worth the money either.
--- End quote ---

I work as a Apple Technician, and there's nothing more I hate when an Apple Fanboy questions me about having my own built Windows PC instead of a Mac. (Apparently haivng an MBP issued from work that I can take anywhere doesn't count.)


--- Quote ---Final Fantasy
--- End quote ---
Win, just win.


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