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please help me on a problem

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okay i am new to this and so far i have to say it is the best software or what ever to use for websites but can u help me i change the url to my fourm and then change it back i cant see to accses my frourm properly
< that is my fourm the site masters can u please just restart it please and thank u all of the tecnicall stuff i dont know how to do
http:// php  i had to separate it because the fourm would not allow me to post it

Hi ronald1!

We are unable to do anything with your website, since we are just the people that created the software. We don't host websites except for the main site.

You might need to contact your host.

Maybe, and I'm just guessing there, resetting your paths with repair_settings.php will work too.

as i said tecnicall things i am not so good at

In laymens terms: We are unable to help you, as we do not have your website in our control.

On a non-technical basis, your forum works just fine from here


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