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Would love to see a Contact page or button integral to forums, switchable as active or not and incorporating the Google recaptcha API.

The contact mod made by vbgamer uses recaptcha when recaptcha is installed and also smf's security questions.

there are several contact us and staff page mods already....

as for google recaptcha...  that was broken by the spambots over a year ago. It's useless....

Wow I didn't  know the bots broke the Google captcha, I know about the mods, I used the very good VBGAMER contact page but was being flooded by potential spammers, so cut it off to guests (main reason for having it). Other mods to keep the spammers at bay in forums but not the contact pages.

Did you have reCaptcha enabled?
Or do you have an idea for a different captcha system to be used for the contact page.


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