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Changes to Base version of Translatable files - Please Post Changes Here

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Angelina Belle:
This is a place to report when a change has been made to the Base (English) version of translatable files on the wiki.

The documentation team will avoid making unnecessary changes to already translated files.
We know these changes can mean more work for a lot of people, and we apologize.

When this happens, all of your old translations will remain.  But any translation units that have been changed in the base version will be marked as outdated in the translated version, until you take care of them.

To fix the changed section, please 
* take note of which section has been marked outdated.
* select "translate this page"
* Choose the section to update
* You will see the base version, the changes in the base version, and the current translated version.
* In the edit box, please make the required changes to the translated version. 
* Save the new translation.

Angelina Belle: (translations into nl, no, and sr-el are affected)

Angelina Belle:
Another change has been made to, in the same section.

Angelina Belle:
Apologies for the change to

The news and announcement features needed clarification. admin can send news and announcement. Users can choose to receive them or not. The previous version of this text mixed admin features with user notification features.
Clarifiying this required changing 2 lines of text in unit 59, and adding 3 asterisks in unit 150.

Unit 59 ===News and Announcements===
First list item -- was very unclear.  Probably needs to be retranslated
Second list item -- was someone unclear. Please check your translation.

Unit 150 ===User Profiles and User Options===
List items 5-8 needed to be indented under list item 4 (Email notification). This is done with an extra "*" at the beginning of the line in items 5-8

Removed a link and fixed another one in
No translations affected as far as I can see.


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