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Sorry yeah that was a massive error on my part, but yeah it is this mod is causing something similar to a character limit. It's quite strange. Can anybody help, please?

I have this running on 1.1.16 and it is working fine but I have a problem in the Forum in posts. Not all Badges are displaying ... in the Profile they show all but in posts they do not show.

Is there a limit that will display in Posts ?

Thank you.

Okay - I searched through this topic with every possible combination of words to try to find my answer, and I couldn't find it. That being said,

I am running 2.0.2 and my theme is a variation of Curve called Outline.

Is there any way to have the badges show up side by side on a single line as opposed to their own individual lines? My members can have upwards of 5 or 6 badges, and so that creates quite a stretch. It would work better if they were in line with each other.

1.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Load.php    Test failed
      1.    Replace    ./Sources/Load.php    Test successful
      2.    Replace    ./Sources/Load.php    Test successful
      3.    Replace    ./Sources/Load.php    Test failed
*    2.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/ManageSettings.php    Test failed
      1.    Replace    ./Sources/ManageSettings.php    Test failed
*    3.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/Profile.template.php    Test successful
*    4.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/PersonalMessage.template.php    Test failed
      1.    Replace    ./Themes/default/PersonalMessage.template.php    Test failed
*    5.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/Display.template.php    Test failed
      1.    Replace    ./Themes/default/Display.template.php    Test failed
   6.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/babylon/Display.template.php    Skipping file
   7.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/classic/Display.template.php    Skipping file
*    8.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/languages/Help.english.php    Test successful
*    9.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/languages/ManageSettings.english.php    Test successful


Which theme are you using?

Forum version?

Where the test failed notices are means a manual edit is required.


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