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"mime_type" field of "*_attachments" table


This is not proper a bug... but it can cause some problem in the migration from SMF 1.* to 2.*

After an update, the field "mime_type" field of "*_attachments" table result empty for all old attachment.
This can cause some minor problem managing old attachment with the new SMF version.

It could be usefull to add a routine to the "Attachment maintenance" to check and repair error on this field... or at least put a routine like that in the process of "update".

Hope this could be usefull

Thank you for the report, and sorry for the delay. If that field remains empty, though I believe it should be filled for images,  then IMHO the upgrade - or at the very least another routine or even external script - could do something about it, to have all the data consistent, as the new version requires...

Bump for reminder.

Needs checking (unless someone knows it's already fixed :P).

Tracked to review and possibly fix:


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