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Changes to Base version of Translatable files - Please Post Changes Here

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I'm glad to announce another step towards the end of the "beta translation phase" of the wiki!

Now it is possible to translate the titles of the pages too! :D
To see an example, please go to Registering/it, as you can see the title of the page is now: "Registrarsi" and not "Registering/it".

So now in each page marked for translation (please find a list on the translation portal page) you will find a new translation unit that is the title of the page.

Thanks to SleePy for the change to the configuration file of the wiki that allowed this.

Angelina Belle:
Congratulations on making this happen! I see you fixed all 10 pages currently in translation.  This is a big improvement!

Thanks for an update emanuele, great work :)

Great news. Thanks emanuele.

Finally also that is (almost) done (for now! :P).

According to the post I did earlier this week, I changed the links in some of the translated pages.

The pages (and the units involved) are:

* Posting (unit 51)
* Search (unit 3)
* Memberlist (unit 2)
* Profile (unit 53)
* Personal messages (unit 29)As you can see the change is actually quite small, just 5 pages and 1 link per page.

The new versions are already marked for translation.

Please if you have any comment or suggestion regarding this last change or anything else feel free to give your feed back in the feedback topic!

The testing is almost finished (even if a bit later than expected...).
Thanks all!


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