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Would using SMF stop Forum Spam?

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The existing forum uses Drupal Forum. It is having terrible spam problems.

Do you think SMF instead would stop the spam dead? How does it achieve this?

Inside the SMF admin panel there are anti-spam settings you can configure to help stop spam.
There are also a number of mods you can use with SMF to help stop spam.

Straight out of the box, with no settings changed, SMF is as vulnerable as any other forum. CAPTCHA can be set (but isn't all that effective any more). You should set several questions to be asked, and have new member approval by administrator (or at least, need to respond to an email). There are a number of mods that can be installed to check the applicant against known spammer lists. You should set a minimum number of posts to do thinks like allow links and set a signature, and a maximum number have to solve a CAPTCHA in order to post. Among all those, it should greatly cut down on spam, but nothing can totally eliminate it. When someone spams, be ruthless about banning them and erasing all their posts.

I did not get a box with my copy of SMF.

Must have been a pirated copy. Send me $34.99 plus tax and I'll send you a legit softcopy.


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