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So I want to change the colour schemes to my default curve forum, probably with a few other layout changes too.

From browsing the index.css file I can see there are numerous things I can change for colours of fonts, backgrounds.  But many of these don't seem to change because of the linked file main_block.png.  Opening that picture just seems to be a load of different shade colours that influence the curve skin.

But what parts of main_block.png are used by what part of the css styles.  It all looks a bit random too me?

If I remove main_block.png, amongst other stuff, the curved corners to most of the SMF blocks disappear.  But the main block.png file seems to be a series of rows, not rounded shapes, so how does that work?

Jade Elizabeth:
The way I figure it out is to colour each one a different colour, or make a new layer/copy and change the hues....then you get to see where the images end too :).

Thanks, I can see this is not going to be easy :(

The Craw:
It's easier than you think. The bars in the image are used as backgrounds for the bars and containers in your forum. As Jade suggested, I would color each one differently to see what they do.

So I'm trying to change stuff using GIMP (Can't afford the rip off of photoshop).  I'm probably not using GIMP correctly (latest 2.8 version), but if I manage to open and select one colour strip or area inevitably that is selecting a lot of the rest of the image too.  As a result I can't change individual parts to find out what they might affect.

At this rate I can see my having to create individual images for each linked file in the css :(


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