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I didn't try that way.  I read the thread (I also read another one a little below that one where another guy said he converted from 2.5 and all seemed to go well) that detailed how he went about converting and I even looked into it.  However, I don't know how to revert my forum to 2.4.  If you have some instructions on that, I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer....

Or, if there is a way for me to correct the error I am getting above without having to jump through the hoops laid out by Iamtheboy, that would be even better!

j razz

I am new to SMF, PHP & MySQL, so I'm sorry but I can't help with errors.
I suggest you check on the YaBB Community Forum regarding downgrading to 2.4.

Good luck! :)

For anyone following this thread- here is the response I got on Yabb's forum:

LOL - I'm with you, I liked 2.4 just fine (I have 3 of them) 

Downgrades, upgrades whatever right place to ask -  (MOST downgrades will not work period)

BUT - AFAIK - the data files are identical between 2.4 and 2.5AE

SO the answer would be to backup/download your data FIRST!

Install YABB 2.4 clean

Make sure it works 1st.

Upload/restore your data files ONLY.

Treat it just like a 'Server Move'.

Good Luck

No need to downgrade to 2.4, as YaBB 2.5 and 2.4 are pretty much the same.

With you YaBB 2.5AE:
Put in Maintenence Mode
Run all the maintenence functions from Admin Panel
Use the YaBB 2.4 to SMF1.1.14 scripts
Once migrated to SMF1.1.14, upgrade this to SMF2.0
Fix you boards and permissions (these will be screwed up badly), and any membergroup errors
Upgrade to SMF2.0.1

I migrated my 1.1m post, 100,000 thread, 11,000 member YaBB 2.5AE to SMF2.0.1 this way.

Thanks for the reply.  I will look for the SMF script and run the maintenances on the YABB board as you stated and see where it gets me.  Thanks for the tip!

j razz


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