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I have a message board (a Discus message board) that I want to move over to an existing SMF site, I can get the messages I want into excel and then output into XML, What I'd like to know is can I import an XML file and I can just import the messages to 1 specific Board?

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance!

Rebecca :)

I do not believe that there is any "import from XML" utility....

All of the conversion utilities are based on a direct database to database conversion form one software to SMF.

I know that someone created a "populate messages" script that fills a message board on the forum for testing, but I don't know if it was ever distributed.   You may have to have someone write you a script that parses your data and imports it using the createPost function.

What about users and profile data?


There are no users on the forum that I'm moving, It is an open board so people don't need to register.

I'll carry on having a look round and see If i can work out a way to get the message on there.

Thanks for the help.

Matthew K.:
From forum "A" you can then export the messages table in .sql format using phpMyAdmin, and then import that file to forum "B" using phpMyAdmin.

Although the keys will be off...

Thats what I looked into before I posted my message here, discus doesn't store the messages in the sql database it's stored as html files.

At the moment I'm looking at stripping all the html out of the file and then using excel to try and massage the data into a format that would be ok to import into the sql database.

I haven't been able to find another way to do it yet.

Thanks for the advice.


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