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How can I acquire 2RC2 from its owner?

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--- Quote from: Clara Listensprechen on August 17, 2011, 04:15:53 PM ---Yes, I have YOUR answer. I just wonder about how the team members who put so much sweat into 2RC2 feel the same way about your opinion that all their work was worthless.

I can't imagine the people who invested hours, days and weeks into that version (which works better than Final, IMHO) agree with your assessment that it's too worthless to rise to the level of the asset that it really is.

--- End quote ---

Well then let me help you.  I am one of those who put my days, weeks, months into SMF 2.0 RC2.  I developed code for it and fixed plenty of bugs.  So, I will tell you that:
[x]Simple Machines NPO holds the copyright and licenses for all SMF releases.  Including the ones released under the old license.  This includes your SMF 2.0 RC2.
[x]I have given the rights to redistribute and reuse my submitted code to the Simple Machines NPO (under our CLA).  That means I have rights to reuse that code anywhere else as well (per the CLA) as well.
[x]As a NPO member, I will not sell you the code. EVER!  I could care less about money.  I do not spend my volunteer time here trying to make a profit.
[x]As a personal statement from any code I contributed, I will not sell you that code.  Although I wouldn't mind making money off developing code, I contributed this code for the SMF project and not to be sold off.

Good day to you :)

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
Since the NPO is not about making money, I do not think we'd ever sell rights to any of our products.
Like I said - You can still get the RC versions legally, and use them legally, and do whatever it's license allows you to do with it, by downloading a copy from the archives ( unless it's been removed from there ).
You can not however, ever get ownership of the code that is 2.0 RC2.

Clara, I can also assure you that 99% of those people that put code into 2.0 RC2 will feel exact same way as sleepy.  Siply we are not in this for money, why do you think we will alsways be free.

ok guys... I fear that the horse died about 5 posts ago...

let's let it go as well.

It might seem uneeded to reply further, my apologies for that-  but I guess its a legitimate question in itself to ask if a version is for sale.

I can only agree with others here though, that what I added(mainly the Curve design) was to be kept free at all times, and not re-sold later on. Given freely, used freely.


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