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--- Quote ---Can we edit tag and description of all the pages/topics?
--- End quote ---

Meta descriptions are not a bad thing, don't let them get you down about this. Allot of social sites will and do use the meta descriptions for page links. So yes meta descriptions are important to a certain audience, to search engines not so important.

Allot of them also take open graph meta tags, not all of them though. The rest rely on meta descriptions for a link description.

There's still a fundamental problem... unless it's automated using the content itself (i.e. the first post), users aren't generally going to fill something in, meaning that unless it's automated, you won't get anything at all (users don't understand why they would have to fill something like that in, they don't care about your site being well ranked)

You must be talking about the tags. I don't see any problems with meta, just pull the description of the board or the first post of a topic and shorten it to specs. Basically all my SMF sites do this. There shouldn't be any source code edits required though to get this work. In index.template.php, if your in a topic just pull the first post out of the topic array, in a board pull context['description'] to get the board descriptions, in board index well nothing there to hook onto.

Tomy Tran:
Nice, so how's about plan, when we could test on RC and use Stable edition of 3.0?

sigh. The answer is in this thread. I hope the expectation to take a few minutes and read back a few pages isn't too much. If it is, we're talking years. Can't get any more specific.


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