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How can locate these files

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Did the instructions suggest any particular place to put this code? Not knowing what the JS is planning to dump into your email, I hesitate to tell you what to edit, but you could try the following:

--- Code: ---$txt['resend_activate_message'] = 'You are now registered with an account at ' . $context['forum_name'] . ', %1$s!' . "\n\n" . 'Your username is "%2$s".' . "\n\n" . 'You first need to activate your account before you can login so please follow this link:' . "\n\n" . '%4$s' . "\n\n" . 'Please use the code "%3$s" if you have any problems with activation.' . "\n\n" . $txt[130] . "\n\n" .
'<!-- Begin mywebaddresshere Code -->
<script language="javascript"><!--//
var server_client_id = 1002;
var server_ad_channel = 1;
var server_publisher_channels = "";
var server_media_types = "text,hybrid";
var server_integrate_media_types = 0;
var server_ad_width = 728;
var server_ad_height = 90;
var server_ad_style = "728x90_as";
var server_code_version = "4";
var server_ad_color_border = "FFE100";
var server_ad_color_background = "FFE100";
var server_ad_color_headline = "3D81EE";
var server_ad_color_body = "000000";
var server_ad_color_url = "191919";
var server_ad_random = 1;
<script type="text/javascript" src="">
<!-- End mywebaddresshere Code -->' . "\n";

--- End code ---

Make a backup of the file so you can get rid of this change if it doesn't work. So, are you going to put the same changes into all 5 or so emails that you listed before?

The instrustion only says "Below is the ad code generated from your selections.  Please cut & paste this exactly as it is shown into the HTML content of your page(s)"


Yes, I want to put the same changes into all 5 or so emails that I listed before.

It doesn't show the advert in any email, what is the next option?

Are the emails in HTML? Look at the source for the email and see if the new code is found in the email, and more importantly, where. Perhaps it needs to be moved into the <head> section of the email's HTML?

Just normal emails people receive when theeu sign up, reset password, etc (I have seen this in many ways)

Concerning Source, I view source but could no find the code.

Moving in the (heard) section of the email how would I do that? if that would give me what I want.


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